In August 2018, SONAE INDÚSTRIA launches a new brand for its laminates and compacts business, SURFORMA intended for the construction, furniture and interior design industries.


Further to the partnership between two reference companies - Sonae Indústria e Arauco - a new brand was born, Sonae Arauco.


Sonae Indústria completes a strategic partnership with Inversiones Arauco Internacional. This partnership involves the existing European and South African wood based panels and related operations of Sonae Indústria, namely all production facilities of wood based panels, chemicals and paper impregnation. Out of the scope of this agreement are Sonae Indústria’s operations in North America (Tafisa Canada) and the laminates and components businesses, which continue to be fully owned by Sonae Indústria.


In the '10 decade, a restructuring process started, which led to the discontinuation, sale and closure of several industrial units in France, Spain, Germany and the UK, according to the company strategic plan of reducing the industrial footprint and concentrating production in the most efficient plants.


Launch of Innovus brand - SONAE INDÚSTRIA'S new decorative solutions offer


During 2001 great changes occured, particularly in France and Germany. A new MDF production line started at Le Creusot, and a particleboard production line started in Lure, France. In Germany, in a new industrial unit starts in Nettgau, initially producing particleboard and later OSB.


In August 2000, SONAE INDÚSTRIA reinforced its presence in South Africa by the acquisition of Sappi Novobord which strengthened the company positioning in this country. Through the increase in the production capacity, the company opened the way to become the largest supplier of particleboard in South Africa whilst increasing the range of product offer. 


In 1999, Sonae Indústria was involved in a multiplicity of projects: a new chemicals industrial unit in Sines (Portugal); a sawmill in Cuellar (Spain); a second MDF production line in Brazil. The new chemicals plant in Sines permitted to supply all the resins required by all SONAE INDÚSTRIA's industrial units in Iberia.


During 1998, Sonae Indústria extended its industrial base to another continent - Africa where a new particleboard industrial unit was born, starting production in December 1999. At the same time, the group reinforced its presence in the UK with a new wood-based particleboard plant. The excellent performance of SONAE INDÚSTRIA in Canada led to the increase of the installed production capacity in the Lac-Mégantic plant, which was completed in 2000. In 1998, SONAE INDÚSTRIA became a world leader in the wood-based panels industry with the acquisition of circa 85% of the share capital of the German company, Glunz AG. The acquisition of Glunz AG enables the expansion of SONAE INDÚSTRIA's industrial base to Germany and France, in the latter case through ISOROY, a subsidiary of Glunz. The acquisition of Glunz AG increased the range of products, and SONAE INDÚSTRIA was then able to present new offers, such as OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Softboard and plywood.


In 1994, SONAE INDÚSTRIA extended its industrial activity to Canada with the start-up of a particleboard plant, whilst expanding its commercial activity to Brazil and South Africa.


In 1993, a new phase of rapid growth and international expansion starts for SONAE INDÚSTRIA, becoming the company leader in the wood panels business in IBERIA and one of the top-five European manufacturers, through the acquisition of TAFISA, one of the leading Spanish companies of the sector.


In 1990, an important investment is made in the construction of an industrial unit for the production of MDF located in Mangualde. The next important reorganization starts, aiming at bringing more focus on businesses, which resulted in the incorporation of a holding company, SONAE INDÚSTRIA, SGPS.


At the end of 1988, the Group creates a holding company - SONAE INVESTIMENTOS, SGPS - which leads to relevant changes in the companies structure. The industrial assets located in Maia were incorporated into a new company, SONAE INDÚSTRIA DE REVESTIMENTOS, and SONAE PRODUTOS E DERIVADOS FLORESTAIS becomes the company responsible for the industrial business unit. Between 1987 and 1989 the first steps in internationalisation are taken through the acquisition of a particleboard company in Northern Ireland.


In 1986, SONAE organises its companies into strategic business units, which gives birth to the Industry business unit.


The leadership in the particleboard manufacturing in Portugal starts in 1984, the year SONAE acquires AGLOMA, the largest production unit in the country.


In 1982, chemicals production was extended to formaldehyde and urea resins.


In the late 70's, the expansion process of Sonae industrial activity intensified, with strong investments on additional installed capacity in components and melamine surfacing.


In 1975, Sonae enters the chemical industriy sector with the production of melamine and phenolic resins.


SONAE's expansion and diversification began in 1971 when the company took control of Novopan, a particleboard company located in Rebordosa, near Porto. At the same time, the first melamine surfacing production line was installed and the production of components for furniture and interior decoration industries also started.


The name is a combination of the name initials in the company designation: SONAE - SOCIEDADE NACIONAL DE ESTRATIFICADOS,  and the product which consolidated SONAE's name in the market, LAMINITE, has been the brand of decorative laminates to-date.

SONAE was founded in 1959 at the site of its present location in Maia. Its first activity was the production of high pressure decorative laminates.