1. Scope and purpose

Our Code of Conduct contains a set of standards based on our shared values that govern the activities of the Sonae Indústria Group. It applies to everyone employed by the Group, including members of the statutory governing bodies of Sonae Indústria SGPS and Group companies, managing directors, senior executives, employees and people whose status is equivalent to that of employees, such as temporary staff and service providers. Our Code of Conduct sets out guidance on those matters of business ethics to be complied with by all Employees and service providers when carrying out their professional duties.

2. Commitment from Sonae Indústria

Sonae Indústria adheres to and actively promotes the highest ethical standards of professional conduct at all levels of the Group. Commitment to standards of conduct must eminate from the top. Therefore, Sonae Indústria’s top managers are expected to set an example for the rest of the organisation through their actions, by actively leading the adoption and by monitoring the enforcement of these standards.

3. Commitment from employees and service providers

It is particularly important that a commitment to these standards of conduct is accepted by all Employees and service providers at all Group companies, wherever they operate. Country operations are also required to adopt appropriate principles and actions to deal with specific ethical issues that may arise in their own countries.