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Environmental policy

28 February 2012

We at Sonae Indústria produce wood-based products from recycled wood, residues from other activities, and sustainable forests and other well managed sources of wood fibre.

We adopt the principles of sustainable development and we use eco-efficiency as a reference to operate our plants to high environmental management standards.

We are committed to:

• The sustainable use of natural resources, including the forest-based resources;
• Operating our facilities in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations;
• The minimisation of the environmental impact of our facilities on the local and global environment;
• Continuous improvement in environmental management by setting targets and measuring performance against those targets;
• Regularly reporting and public disclosure of our environmental performance;
• Promote the certification of our environmental management and wood fibre supply chain by internationally recognised standards.

To achieve this, we integrate responsible environmental management into all our operations.


• Define clear roles, responsibilities and accountability at each level of our organization;
• Set challenging performance criteria for each of our operations;
• Allocate the necessary resources to ensure we meet the performance objectives;
• Train our people in their environmental responsibilities;
• Develop and implement effective eco-efficient practices;
• Monitor our environmental performance and review accordingly;
• Invite our stakeholders to engage in our environmental commitments.

In this way we create an environmentally responsible culture that contributes to the enhancement of our sustainable business performance.

Board of Directors