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SONAE INDÚSTRIA has a sound history of success and rapid business growth and has always been attractive to managers, technicians and skilled young professionals. Being an attractive and preferred employer has enabled  SONAE INDÚSTRIA  to respond to the big challenge of permanently assuring the services of the new human resources required to expand its activities.

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Information regarding the use of personal data

1. Scope
This document explains the general rules for privacy and processing of personal data related to recruiting and selection processes, which are applied to all candidates looking for a job opportunity, in accordance with the General Regulation of Data Protection 2016/679 of the EU.

2. Personal data collected
When registering, the candidate must submit his/her name, e-mail address and biography.

3. Purpose
The personal data collected are used exclusively for the purpose of recruitment and selection of candidates.

4. Who is responsible for processing the personal data
The applications received will be used in companies fully or partly held by Sonae Indústria SGPS, SA, directly or indirectly, namely: Sonae Indústria de Revestimentos, SA, Sonae Indústria Management Services, SA, Movelpartes - Componentes para a Indústria de Mobiliário, SA, Sonae Arauco Portugal, SA. In some cases, these companies may retain the services of third party entities to process the personal data. All these companies are responsible and accountable for the personal data. The contact point is: dataprotection@sonaeindustria.com

5. Rights of the owner of personal data
In what concerns his/her personal information, the owner of personal data is entitled, at any time, and in accordance with Articles 15 to 22 of the EU General Regulation of Data Protection 2016/679, dated 27 April, the right to access, amend, delete, restrict the use and portability and the right to oppose to the processing of personal data. The person responsible for the processing of personal data will carefully analyse the request, will assess its legitimacy and relevance and will respond in due time.
The permission to use personal data may be revoked at any time.
To exercise your personal protection rights please contact us by using the e-mail address dataprotection@sonaeindustria.com

6. Retention period
The personal data of a candidate will be deleted 2 years after receiving his/her biography.

If need be, the candidate may send a complaint to the competente regulatory entity.

Statement of consent
I hereby authorise the companies fully or partly held by Sonae Indústria SGPS, SA, directly or indirectly, to collect and process my personal data which I submit for the purpose of a recruiting or selection process, in accordance with Sonae Indústria’s privacy policy that may be read at www.sonaeindustria.com.
I confirm that the personal data being forwarded are truthful.


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