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General Meeting 2017 Print version
General meeting schedule

Item 1

    Item 1 - Approval R&C 2016

    Appendix Item 1 - Report & Accounts

Item 2

    Item 2 - Net Result Appropriation

Item 3

    Item 3 - Appreciation Vote

Item 4

    Item 4 - Cooption Ratification

Item 5

    Item 5 - Capital Reduction

Item 6

    Item 6 - Reverse Stock Split

Item 7

    Item 7 - Remunerations Policy

Item 8

    Item 8 - Own Shares

Item 9

    Item 9 - Own Shares Affiliates


    Annual Shareholders’ General Meeting

Attendance Summary and Voting Results

    Attendance Summary and Voting Results

Declaration of Participation

    Declaration of Participation

Form for Exercise of Voting Right by Electronic Mean

    Form Electronic Voting

Ballot Paper by Courier

    Ballot Paper

Representation Letter

    Representation Letter
Exercise of Voting Right by Electronic Mean

Voting by Electronic Mean   

General Meeting´s Preparatory Information

    General Meeting´s Preparatory Information

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