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Sonae Indústria operates in several countries spread over four continents through subsidiary companies. Sonae Indústria’s main goal is the creation of value for its shareholders. The company firmly believes that this objective is only possible in the short, medium and long term, if value is created and distributed amongst the other stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, local authorities, local communities and financial institutions.

This function of value creation and subsequent distribution is carried out in a transparent way, abiding by the different legislations in force where operations are based for taxation purposes. The company does not carry out fictitious activities and/or operations in order to evade taxation or to practice illegitimate transfer of gains.

We must bear in mind, however, that taxation law differs from country to country and within its boundaries, several options exist as regards economic transactions. It is management’s responsibility and obligation to assess the different options that meet the company’s objectives and to make the best choices involving different economic and fiscal consequences.

Sonae Indústria strictly abides by the tax law in force in the different countries where its operations take place and presents all the required reports to fiscal authorities and other relevant institutions.”

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